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Renaissance Festival and Societal Importance

This web page represents my project for the Honors Tutorial in Renaissance Literature and Culture at Loyola University - Chicago. Ideally, this page is a means of exploring the nature and significance of the Festival in the context of Renaissance England. Involved is an analysis of the societal importance of these occurrences, a brief transition into the significance of modern day festivals of similar nature, and a literary analysis of the notions of subversion in Shakespeare's King Henry IV - Part I . The essential goal of this project is to assert that Renaissance festival, most notably the annual ‘Carneval’, was an essential means of establishing the traditional authority of the time. Through the importance of subversion inherent to these events, the authority that was temporarily subverted was in fact strengthened.

Though this page is essentially an alternative means of gathering class credit, the very medium allows for it to be a public source of information. With this said, feel free to explore, and by all means, send any comments and criticism to me. The more input I receive, the better and more informative I can make this page.

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