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The following is a list of sites that may augment the information presented in this project. Incorporated here are sites already hyper-linked within the remainder of the project, as well as links which did not fit well within the confines of the project. For example, several of the pages are linked from other areas of this page - having a direct relevance to previous subject matter. Others, while relevant, I decided against including in the main bulk of the project, deciding instead to group them here.

Links Found Elsewhere in the Project

-A comprehensive reference site to all things Shakespeare

-Internet text of the complete works of Shakespeare

-Traditional Renaissance Games

-Bakhtin Circle Bibliography

-Directorie of Renaissance Faires

-The Society For Creative Anachronism

-Study of Lenten Holiday

-Mardi Gras Festival

-The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Evanston Cast

Links Not Found Elsewhere in the Project

-Explorations in Renaissance Culture Collection of essays on many aspects of Renaissance culture and literature edited by the Southwest Missouri State University.

- Renaissance Links - A personal page of Laura Mckenzie offers many great links.

- More Renaissance links.

- Collection of articles, primarily on Renaissance culture.

- Medieval and Renaissance History

-Medieval and Renaissance Fact and Fiction - general site with many links

-Renaissance - information from the Annenburg series

-Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Devoted to publishing articles by new scholars

-Renaissance Electronic Texts

-Voice of the Shuttle: Renaissance; 17th Century Literature

-Medieval and Renaissance Primary Historical Documents